Thursday, 19 January 2012

Coffee, Caffeine

I have drank too much coffee today. I get nauseous when I hit a certain level of caffeine intake. I don't know how much this is, but it's about 4 cups of coffee.  I've never hit it while eating chocolate; I don't think.

A few people I know have recently decided to 'give up' coffee. I don't know their reasons.. but I do know they still drink Coke, Diet Coke, and other pop drinks. I don't normally drink pop drinks (gingerale with a sore throat is for comfort, not for thirst). So, if you give up coffee, but stick to pop, what are you really giving up? You're still feeding your addiction, please...
(some people just don't get addiction)
(deny deny deny)

I'm reading some information from Health Canada about caffeine, side effects, daily recommended intake, etc. There are many studies out there; the internet will tell you all sorts of things. So it came down for me to just trust 1 source, and stick to that. I chose Health Canada.

Approx. Caffeine in Food     |      Caffeine - Overview

My action plan? Based on all this and life experience? The answer to everything; Moderation.  I think my body sends me a pretty good warning sign that I've had enough. Also, I'm out of  Van Houttes Columbian dark.

Fill 'er up!

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