Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Book Review: Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

This is what I had written on GoodReads.com. It's not very.. good. But it's a start. I want my opinons to matter, sometimes.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick, easy, light read and held no disappointment in terms of story.

It was unpredictable. Jessica came alive in the book; I can't pinpoint it on either her quirkyness, her realism, or her language. But her thoughts, her development, you were always right there with her when she evolved, and while it was exciting, it didn't take you by surprize. There was always a purpose to her madness, and I admired Jessica for her qualities. 

I think 'Lukey' was definately out of his element when he arrived, and it showed. It was funny without being absurd. It was strange, but understandable.

One small element that did not seem to fit in was Lukey's use of modern text language in hand-written letters. That, was a little out of the norm, for me. Putting it into Lukey's perspective, I think that with his upbringing, he would not want to write to his uncles in a lighthearted manner. Even though he wasn't opposed to be insubordinate, he was supposed to be mature for his age. And while he clearly rebelled to that effect, writing in text script to his uncles didn't seem to quite 'fit'.

A tiny shortcoming to an otherwise fantastic and fun read.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Groove with Sharks


I can't thank this website enough for collecting my favourite songs (or songs I just want to try out) and letting me listen to it all day for free.
I followed them on twitter and they responded to me.
I also love Twitter; rarabesh

It's that dress that I want for the summer!

Monday, 5 March 2012


I've finally accepted it. I'm moving to London.

Not Doctor Who's London, but Justin Beiber's London.

My husband received an early acceptance to Western University for Philosophy. He's been very successful in carrying a full course load* and a full time job.

To be a good and supporting wife, I am going with him. He would do the same for me. Thankfully I'm not too attached to my job. The things I want in life are very simple; and I thank my husband for making me really think about what I want.

I want blue skies, a vegetable garden, and a purpose. I"m not sure what that purpose is, but I know that I haven't found it yet in Ottawa. Maybe I should be willing to expand my horizons and see this as an opportunity.

I don't want to leave behind the bonds I've created. Finally -- FINALLY -- have a good set of friends.  But, if they are the set of friends I believe they are, they will still be here when I return.

Maybe I'll open a home-daycare.

Maybe I'll work in a bakery.

Maybe I'll open my own listening practice**.

* That doesn't include the extra TA-ships he's taken, the extra french courses, the extra work that the student board he's on asks for, or the extra debating/shouting matches every Thursday night.

** Slowly bringing together the need for listeners. Not therapists, not psychos, not friends. A listener. How much would you pay to just have someone listen to your problems?