Tuesday 17 July 2012

Book Review: The Darkening Dream - Andy Gavin

The Darkening Dream, Andy Gavin

I finally finished reading this book. Here is my review on it;

What I submitted to GoodReads.com - 

" I really liked how the setting was much earlier in the century, and how some history and mythologies coalesced into the story.  "

I don't like to give negative feedback of any kind. I couldn't do any better, even if I spent my whole life writing! 

It's not NEGATIVE feedback I want to give. It's just a difference of opinion, I suppose. Let me explain --

One of the biggest reason I wanted to read this book was because I learned that Andy Gavin, the author, had been in the gaming industry. Since I am a big fan of the gaming industry, I thought he might be able to put in a more fantastical - adventurous - spin to the story inside. I had thought it would greatly benefit the writing, in a different way.  And it did! It absolutely did! Where the story took you was akin to an RPG, and there was a lot more adventure than expected.

The thing is...

Maybe you can't have all the elements put together to create one perfect story. Maybe you need to pick a path, and stick to that path - especially on the debut - to highlight the story the author is trying to tell.

For instance, the story's setting takes place earlier in the century. Great! I love me some old-timey teen proprietary. I think Andy does this very well - of course there was hormones back in the day, and of course teens acted on it. It was well done.  It was realistic.

The history and mythology and religion themes of the story -- put together ... like a...... big ...... ball.... of coloured yarn.... so, in the end, there was a big ball of different threads of different colours that, combined, was a bit messy. Hebrew + Greek + (not much christian - even though that was the run of the mill religion then?) + Eastern Mythology = a lot of different paths mixed into one. This was confusing, and when the end came around, I was basically reading to just be along for the  ride. I didn't understand (probably my own stupidity, I'll admit) but it was so off the chart from the beginning of the story that, to make this read-able, I had to imagine I'm watching an anime.

Suffice to say, the story was interesting, but I didn't quite like it. There was a lot of great elements to the story -- but, it's not one I would recommend or read again. 


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