Monday, 30 July 2012

Book Review - The Selection, Kiera Cass

The Selection - Kiera Cass

I'm not in a writing mood, but I just had to get this one down on screen-paper.

Full disclosure, I got this story mixed up in my head. It was rec'd to me by a perfect friend, and we must've been talking about several books at once, because I thought this story was going to involve a plane crash and a deserted island full of beauty queens. Kept waiting for that plane crash to happen -- but when they landed safely, I was surprized! Anyway,

I --loved-- reading this book because:

- A strong female heroine, in the shadows of despair, is able to keep what's important in front of her and that's enough. She's not for wanting anything (except maybe more food) because she already knows what she has is great. That takes strength and character, and Miss Cass didn't have to heave on a sad backstory to make us see and believe it.  So, kick ass girl? Yep. Cool name? Yep.

- The love interest indeed sounds great. Seems special to her. Through America, we learn what HE has done, sacrificed, and what he would do for those he loved. Clearly they were on the same page in terms of values. Except... he has a tragic flaw.  Realistic relationship problems at that age? Yep. Ironic intrigue? YEP.

- When introduced to a world she can't have, America stays herself. Independence. Confidence in who she is, even when swarmed with temptations.  Good role model for impressionable ladies minds? Yep.

- Love triangle -- this is where things get good and juicy. The prince of the story? I like him. I like him because he's the boy from the other, other side of the track. At first unattainable, but then, he shows America something she hasn't had the freedom or space to see -- how a friendship can grow, and what that can mean for her.  Little by little, he wins her over. It seems clear to us that he see's a spark in her and is just as stubborn as she is, even though he can do it more diplomatically. I enjoyed their banter. Because - it wasn't oozing with romance. It had a much stronger foundation.

- I want America to be crowned.

- I want the next book in my hands tonight.


  1. I have this book and still haven't got a chance to read it yet arrrr! and after reading your great review of The Selection I'm wanting to read it so much now, but I have to many review books to do right now :( Thanks for sharing Raphael! :)

  2. I'm honoured you'd read my review :) I hope you get a chance --- and I'm eager to read your review. I hope you like it as much as I did!