Thursday, 27 September 2012

Book Review: Fathomless - Jackson Pearce

Fathomless - Jackson Pearce
I drowned in this book.

If I was a twin, and this book was an 'angel', I'd be an ocean girl right now.

I don't know how to put my feelings of this book into a coherent paragraph that flows point to point.  So, I'm not going to do that. I'm just going to word-vomit wearing my fan-girl outfit. There are spoilers, btw.

I enjoyed the multiple-personality of Nadia. I'm not sure if this was intentional, but it was a great way to showcase the difference between a human with a soul, and something that's not 'human'. While Nadia/Lo shared the same skin, hair, eyes, and toes, there was a distinct difference between them. You could 'hear' it in their voice.  You could see it in their actions. And if I were to over-analyze the differences, I might therein see what Miss Pearce thinks the difference of a human to a non-human would be.

For example: Nadia is embarrassed when Celia sees her naked. Nadia will wear the towel/dress Celia offers her.  Lo doesn't care.  That difference of proprietary is significant to Nadia being a human and Lo letting go of her soul.

Another example: Nadia fights with her life to remember her past. Lo wants to forget, accept life as it is, and look toward the beautiful ocean and the angels that will bring her beyond.

What I really like, is that Lo isn't completely devoid of her humanity. While it's in her nature/instinct to kill, she doesn't want to but moreover; she CHOOSES not to. She CHOOSES at a point to save a life, as LO. As this non-human personality.

This makes me believe that perhaps, Nadia/Lo hasn't completely lost her soul, if that is where her humanity is kept. If she did lose her soul, then the humanity part must be part of something else that isn't so easily forgotten; and that part might be the key to bring down the antagonists.

I enjoyed the constant ebb and flow (get it) of water illusions in the book. I, too, feel drawn to the big blue waters, and I quickly got lost in the feelings of gargantuan power the oceans can have over a person. I loved it.

The nuances that connect the twisted fairytales books - While each of her previous books (Sisters Red, Sweetly) can be stand alone stories, each of these 3 stories are connected in the same universe. Miss Pearce connects and weaves them together like a subtle spiderweb. If you aren't diligent, you could miss it. I'm going to re-read all 3 books again until I can catch every connection.

From all this random fangirl word vomit, I loved this book, I continue to love Jackson Pearce, and I am already experiencing readers-frustration (a la sexual frustration) waiting for her next book; COLD SPELL.

Time to go for a swim...

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