Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Book Review: Cinder - Marissa Meyer

Cinder - Marissa Meyer

So, last week, I finished this book.  I had my eye on this story for nearly a year now. Sometimes, the mystery in your mind is more satisfying then a story that... isn't.

Twisted Fairytales seems to be a new sub-genre in YA fiction. This is where Cinder belongs. I might put it lower on the totem pole, below Miss Jackson Pearces' Sister's Red,  Sweetly and SOON TO COME OUT - Fathomless. 

I forgive the predictable plot that mirrors Cinderella, as it should, the predictable characters are less easier to forgive. Perhaps it isn't even that - perhaps I just was unable to connect with Cinder. I adored her sidekick Iko (think of Eve from Disney's Wall-e), and her step-mother with step-daughters were done well enough. The refreshing part of this story was 1 sister was not evil (although, predictable unlucky Cinderella puts this sister in jeopardy).

The romance between Cinder and the Prince fell flat. It was obvious the Prince had interest in her, but you never knew quite why. Cinder wasn't far enough on a scale to tip it in her favour. She wasn't extremely homely or extremely pretty or extremely funny or extremely brash.. I think to gain the Prince's favour in any way, she'd have to stand out from the crowd. So, WHY does Prince show her any interest to being with?

Cinder had good ambitions and had a good heart, she had good reasons to make the choices she did. I did feel pity on her and I did want her to 'win'.. and she might have 'won' but never 'triumphed'.

The other twist to the tale probably stems from the authors love of Sailor Moon (okay, you found me out - that's really the reason why I wanted to read this book so badly).  Maybe it was my imagination, but I could easily pick out the Moon-esque similarities (the gloves, the lunars, prince is an ethic tuxedo mask). It's not a BAD thing by any means, but perhaps these themes/ideals could have been woven more intrictaly in the story.

It felt like the narrator was an excited young girl trying to tell me an epic love story. Usually when that happens, details are left out. Atmosphere suffers. The mood is a constant high. 

I liked this book. I will read the sequel. When I want a 'twisted fairytale' done right, I'll go to my Jackson Pearce part of my bookshelf and re-read those. 

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