Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fantastic Giveaway - Hurry!

Over at a blog I follow (and read just about every day), they have been having a fantastic large giveaway, that ends in just a couple of days.

It all starts with Remembrance.  Lizzie Davenport, a classy lady reincarnated, has fate shoved in her face when Drew Carmichael transfers into her school. She's immediately hooked, fascinated, can't take her eyes off him... but, he's nothing but a cold icicle. 

If you haven't read this series, this give-a-way is a perfect chance in getting immersed into a fate-smashed, i love you but i don't love you story. The 3rd (and final) book has been revealed and it sounds like the story will take you right to the 'beginning' of their time.. 
I love history stories like this, and it sounds like it has a really great push and pull love-hate-fate relationship. 

Good luck to all entrents!

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