Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Author Spotlight: Cassandra Clare

Why do we like, follow, add, tweet, read, and post about our favourite authors?

Mortal Instruments Series
It's the online, new-gen version of 'groupies', I think.  We're safe from STD's maybe, but we're at higher risks to papercuts, typed-flat fingers, and bookshelves collapsing on us.

Passion grows with intimacy. To know our authors is to further love the books and stories.

One particular author, for example, encourages this growth.

Cassandra Clare, known best for her Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series, encourages this intimacy. She can be found on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and GoodReads. She avidly responds to her fans,  accepts the friendships and carries on the conversation. Cassie Clare embraces media avenues to showcase her talent; book reviews, book trailers, pictures and more. You can find her on YouTube at many different book banquets, answering questions and sharing deep thoughts about her stories and characters.

I find that this solidifies the bond between author and fan. If you ask a young teen if they like this series, you're GOING to see them react with almost as much fervor as with Beliebers. If you ask a young adult about this series, they WILL point you in the nearest direction of a bookstore, library, or (if they have 2 copies) to their own personal bookshelf that you -just must read now-.

Cassie Clare's talent as an author goes so much more than just in the stories. She reaches out to her audience, invites them in to her humble and beautiful homeland of Idris, and everyone comes out enthralled, in love, and guessing just how old Magnus Bane is (I love Magnus Bane!).

Cassandra makes it wonderful for fans. There is everything under the sun for the obsessive mind; fan sites, fan forums, fan fiction, jewellery, RP sites, and more. A quick google search, or start at her website. That's the best thing to bookmark, I think.

Not a fan yet? You will be. Glimpse her writing - The first chapter of the latest book.


They're casting for a movie about the Mortal Instruments.  To find out more, visit Cassie's Website

Lily Collins - Clary

Jamie Cambell - Jace

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