Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Golden Lily; Released!

Ah! I figured how to add an image. Bravo, me!

This book is out for me TODAY. My problem: do I buy the hard cover, or do I download to my kindle?

I had downloaded Bloodlines (#1) to my kindle when that was available. The reason behind this was because I was worried I would be disappointed. Was I losing faith in Rachelle Mead? No. It just happens.

Vampire Academy was about Rose, Lissa, Dimitri. It was a really good, strong, vampire series that was was thrilling to me.  I was really sad when it was over.  When I heard that she was contiuning a story in the same world, using Sydney, my face did this;


Instinct. I didn't quite like Sydney, even though she put her LIFE on the line for Rose (that wasn't surprizing).

When authors continue a series in the same world but different characters, I don't   ......... like it. No further logic than that. I don't like it.


I read and finished Bloodlines #1. I enjoyed it, I really did. As much as Vampire Academy? No, but, that's not fair to compare an entire series of character development and experience to a brand new narrative (Sydney).

I want to read The Golden Lily. Miss Mead has left a lot of mystery to explain, and some budding romance, and some worry about how the 'kingdom' is going to proceed.

I'm excited! This many!!!!

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