Monday, 11 June 2012

GoodReads, feedback?

Bad News: I didn't win Maggie's signed cool book.

Good News: I spammed the internet with a favourite author.

Better News: I did win a Lysol Soap Dispenser

Great News: I can still buy Maggie's book from Fountain Books! And she'll still sign!

I was also catching up on Good, of course to enter another book-giveaway-contest. I have low hopes because I'm not active on GoodReads.  I used to .. want to be. 

A) It's slow.

B) I'm slow.

C) Waiting wastes precious moments I can be reading

D) I'm a technophobe. Or snob?

Classify me;

I didn't like the idea of because it was on the internet. The internet is inherently evil and pushes things to the next level of technology. I dislike technology because I don't believe computers are more efficient than humans. I think Human Err is easier to fix, or eliminate.

I didn't say I was logical. :)

But what some fantastic author DID point out to me about is that, if authors use the site, then they can hear our feedback. I always thought of it as a personal log of all the books and things I've read (as if my sagging bookshelf doesn't already) and recommendations for people who read similiar books as me.

So now, I'm going to TRY -- TRY SO HARD -- to give legit, honest and critical feedback.  I'm inclined to say OMG I LOVE IT READ IT READ IT HARD AND FAST OMG!  but... really.

That dosen't help. Does it?


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  1. I feel like we need to form a Goodreads support/therapy group. The most frustrating site on the internet without a doubt.