Monday, 25 June 2012

Contest: The Darkening Dream (Andy Gavin)

If I ever felt alone, getting myself into the YA circle reminds me I'm just a drip in the ocean!

Take a look at this fantastic giveaway; Enter, and Good luck! I recommend following this reviewer, she's opened my eyes to a lot of titles I wouldn't have looked at otherwise.

I'm super excited to enter this contest. Here is another title that I wouldn't have looked twice at, and probably missed a thrilling story. This looks promising to me for two reasons;

1 - I'm missing vampires.

2- These vampires don't glitter. (I'M SORRY MISS MEYER!) By this, I mean, these vampires seem mean-er than the mopey-emo-vampbeibers I've encountered in other YA fiction.

Secret Reason #3 - Salem, MA.   Yes.

"Salem, Massachusetts 1913.
When a gruesome murder opens Sarah's eyes to the existence of vampires, she's determined to put an end to their reign of terror. Little does she know that the monster she hunts serves another far worse and she's just antagonizing the beast.
A historical, dark fantasy full of action, paranormal, and a good deal of creepy, The Darkening Dream is an engaging read that leaves you
looking for the sequel. Readers should be aware that this book contains lies/deception, many disturbing and gruesome images of pain, injury, death, and killing; witchcraft,...The level of sexuality in this story is more fitting an adult than a young adult book."

Intrigued? I am. Read up a quick interview with the author here: Sarah's Reviews & Interviews

Wish me luck!

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