Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 3: Arc Contest + Mood Swings

Day 3: Arc Contest~!

If you haven't watched the video, I highly recommend you to. It really gives the atmosphere of mystery that I hope the book will have.  I'm not just posting the video to win, but to give Maggie some more press! Just wish my blog was more notable.

Meet her;

We all have our favourite books and authors. There are some books I really love, but would only read once and recommend to few people. (The Rebel Angels Series/Libba Bray).  There are books that I get so caught up in the moment with, but then after a year I'm embarrassed (Twilight, sorry Miss Meyer) . There are books that when I have a bad day, or want to feel a certain way, or be reminded of something, I'll go back to them. Over, and over again. (Anne of Green Gables, LM)

I read a lot of books.  So much so, that I think my re-read list is quite small compared to my have-read list. And this is where my favourite authors show up. I think if you did the same type of list, wouldn't yours show up too? What is yours?

Needless to say, with Shiver-Linger-Forever being my favourite supernatural romance books and The Scorpio Races in the town I always miss, but have never visited (I've been to the east coast a couple of times, and the books reminds me of Nova Scotia), Maggie's a favourite author of mine.  If she wrote a book that had NOTHING to do with supernatural or YA or of an interest of mine, I'd still read it.

UNLIKE, Anne Rice -- the QUEEN of Vampires -- found her jesus and started to write about jesus, i couldn't give it a second thought.  If Maggie started writing about jesus, my instinct is that she'd make him cute and cozy.

Mood Swings

At lunch, I wanted to march right up to my boss and say, Hey, Eff this. I can do this job blind better than the other fella, such a small difference if I'm remote... I had so many quick and confident balls of energy to throw at him.

After lunch, I got back to my desk and started to type it.. and then that voice that reminded me that it's not JUST about value and etc... and.. maybe he has a right to have all his sales people IN the ottawa office.. I don't have a right to this job...

From confident to meek in 25 minutes. See me .. squeak.

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