Sunday, 17 June 2012

Book Review: Fire (Kristin Cashore)

Last night, I finally finished Fire! # 2 in the Graceling Series.

I kind of read this series out of order, a little bit. First, I read Graceling. Then Bitterblue. And now, Fire.
I would recommend reading this series; Graceling, Fire, then Bitterblue, as it was meant to be read.

Without giving any spoilersss, I'd like to try and review it a little bit.

I enjoyed this book. The elements that made me enjoy this book were;

- Kristin Cashore incorporated an element of realism that not many authors do. Fire, was a lady. And, as a unique kind of monster-lady, when she experienced her 'lady business', it had an effect on the outside world. That was part of the story and had to be considered for Fire's whereabouts. It was interesting, and necessary.

- I was able to connect with Fire on a few emotional levels; her love/HATE relationship with her father, her fear of accepting love, and some of her instability.   Most YA heros/ins at 17-18 seem to accept life and death situations with a level-head that some 40 years old cannot do. I thought Fire's fear was refreshing and realistic, and inspiring in the end.

- I admired Fire for her choices of the greater good, her sacrifices, putting her wants and needs below others. It's admiring because of her disposition, she clearly doesn't have to. In fact, she could have it all with a flick of a wink, literally. But despite her nuture, her nature wins out.

- I enjoyed the palace intrigue, and there was definitely some twists and turns I wasn't expecting. It was quite thrilling.

- I enjoyed the romance in this novel, subtle but strong, built on layers that come to light in the end,  complicated but true. Flexible. Real.

- I think I like this side of the world than the Graceling side, simply because the monters are far more colourful!

- The story had a happy ending. That is a must for me. And it was a beautiful ending.

I really hope Kristin Cashore continues to write about these worlds. The Dells and the Seven Kingdoms. Thank you for bringing fantasy into my YA world, Miss Cashore!!



If you liked Fire (Kristin Cashore), you will probably like;

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  1. Your post makes me want to check out this series! Graceling may just next on my list.

  2. I hope it is. I really enjoyed the story. It takes you somewhere else, a place we haven't really been to yet in our books. :)

  3. I loved Fire. Graceling is still my favorite out of the two, but both of them are on my shelf at home. so is bitterblue. haha. i don't like cashore at all. ;)

    1. I'm glad to meet someone else who knows who-the-dells Katsa, Bitterblue and Lady Fire are ;)

      If you could choose a Grace, what would it be?