Friday, 15 June 2012

Sucker for Samples

Yeah, I'm pretty sure people chose to stop following my posts on Facebook.

Not just because of the tweeter spam, but of the samples/free spam. Oops. I have no friends. :(

My Husband (a philosophy major) was so irked when he learned was a skin-care/beauty website. Oh well!

So I scored a good handful of free samples yesterday;
This is subtle, feminine, and light. Swoon~
The saleslady told me not to use this though, until I have real wrinkles. :(
GREAT face wash. GREAT.

And then, I went to their website today, and they said a free gift if you sign up for the newsletter! Score! I signed up, and then learned it's a free gift IF YOU spend $25 online. boo.

Another sample: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea.. very sweet lil spray!

1 comment:

  1. Best face wash ever! WILL get addicted to it. Oh how I love Philosophy.