Thursday, 28 June 2012

Book Review - Succubus Blues, Richelle Mead

I really liked reading this book! I have to thank BookSniffersAnonymous for this!

Despite my misgivings about the Succubus part, I found that this story was really fun to read. Miss Mead has a way of just hooking me in with her words. It's automatic - every book, series, she's written, within the first chapter I'm in.

- Georgina Kincaid is a succubus heroine. Yep. Sexy, smart and sharp. I could relate to her and yet wish to channel her in different ways. She worked retail (I worked retail), She loves books (I love books), she is fangirlish towards her favvy authors (I am very fangirlish). She's sharp with her tongue (I wish I was), she's sharp on her feet (I wish I was) and off her feet (my husband wishes I was!)

- The paranormal nuances of this world are told on a need to know basis. This leaves lots of room for mystery and for the story to naturally unfold. I like how Miss Mead -does not- take half a chapter to describe the entirety of a myth of vampires/demons/imps/ etc. As she introduces you to characters, you get to know them and see how their jobs and their 'kinds' interact with one another. She shows you, not tells you.

- The story itself took on a few twists and turns. I did predict some parts of the book correctly, and some incorrectly. The story wasn't too complicated; it was a real world, modern setting, comfortable places and landmarks. The best part of the story was the character(s) - Georgina Kincaid.

- Succubus = sexy times. It just has to happen. I appreciate how Miss Mead wrote that in and out, not too filthy, but sexy enough. It's not a harlequin romance. It's just sex. The interesting flaw about Georgina Kincaid is that she is a succubus that doesn't want to be a succubus. She retains a lot of her humanity by making mundane choices. This succubus cares about her friends, who she chooses to take life from, and deals with moral and amoral decisions.

I'm glad I read this, and I'm all too eager to read more. I can't get Georgie out of my head!

Thank you, Richelle Mead!

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  1. Great Review Raphael! I love Richelle Mead's books too! Vampire Academy is my favorite! You have a fantastic blog!!! :)

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  2. Awh, Thanks so much Debbie! Clearly it's just a mini-side-hobbie, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I need to collect the Kincaid series, she really surprized me with this series. :)