Monday, 25 June 2012

Book Review: The Complex (Cathy E. Zaragoza)

YA Fiction - Dystopian

I re-read this story so I can provide a clear review. I really enjoyed the first run  through and I enjoyed the second just as much!

I would highly recommend this book for anyone interested in this sub-genre of YA Fiction - Dystopian novels. In the vein of Hunger Games trilogy (Suzanne Collins) and Insurgent trilogy (Veronica Roth), The Complex features a lot of the same elements; a divided society, small pockets of controlled people, and of course -- rebellion.

The difference between The Complex and other major names is it's Pace.

-I really liked The Complex because it was very fast paced. The action kept me reading and it was very difficult to put it down, in the fear that Cathy E. Zargoza kept tricking me in the lull's of the story. I would think that finally it's slowed down, I think I can go do the dishes, but WAIT! SHE JUST SAID....! And I kept reading.

-Even though it's a quick read, I have every reason to believe that it's just begun. The adventure the heroine has departed on is a very big task. This opens up a wide berth for this world, and Cathy E. Zargoza can take us all over the continent taking and saving lives all in the same page.

-I liked the main character Helena because I felt her age was very well adapted. Helena is only 16, and unlike other YA novels she isn't 16 going on 40. She is 16, and experiencing emotions as a 16 year old does. It's been a while, but I can certainly relate to the choatic, feeling-too-much-at-once emotion. Helena cries, she's stubborn, but she cares, and she goes with her gut, even if it's the wrong move. She takes experiences as she sees them, and dosen't over-analyze, and isn't overtly suspicious, which I find suits her well (given she's a 'Complex Baby').

All in all, I think this is a fun book, and if you enjoy Dystopian books, put this on your To-Read list!

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